Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New Year, New Design

In Celebration of a Partnership....

Happy New Year to you all!

I am packed and ready to work away for a while. With me I am taking more hair from our lovely Fell Pony Drifter. No worries, he can spare it. I have a plan to work on a design that has been in my head for a couple of months. It is for a bracelet for my daughter, who has grown up with Drifter.

The design is partly her idea and partly what I think is possible using kumihimo. I am going to need to place an order for a couple of ends but if it all works out, it will look absolutely lovely and unique.

As I mentioned earlier, this whole project grew out of a desire to create something from my pony now, while he is still around. It seemed both natural and special to make a bracelet or necklace from some tail hair. Ancient tribes around the world have used animal hair for thousands of years, to make items for daily use or high status items to wear and show off.

My daughter and I have had our Fell Pony Quarryhouse Drifter for many years, since he was just six.

Over the years he has developed into a smart and willing partner. His jumping days are over now but he and my daughter spent hours jumping together often with nothing more than a rope halter.

And so, this particular bracelet project is going to be very special indeed. Later on, I hope to show you the end result.