Friday, 15 March 2013

Using Beads in the Horsehair Bracelet

In summer 2012, I first started to make bracelets from horse tail hair using the kumihimo technique. Once you master the basics, it can become a really satisfying thing to do.

If you are interested in trying to make something for yourself, you could watch a training video online such as the one from Beadaholique in the US

For me, kumihimo gives you the best results with horse hair.

The video gives you a really good idea of the basic technique on an 8 warp bracelet. When using horse tail hair I use 16 warps (group of hairs) for bracelets and 8 warp for necklaces and bracelets when beading.

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8 warp bracelet with slate coloured seed beads

Still using horse hair I used three hairs per warp. That is 8x3 = 24 hairs approximately 50cm in length. All the hair is sorted after washing and placed in position on the kumihimo disk. The beads (in this case size 6 seed beads) are threaded in the chosen order.

Very quickly, as you work around the disk, the bracelet emerges.

Here is one I finished today.


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