Horsehair Braid Patterns and Design

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Here you will find easy links to posts on various kumihimo patterns that are particularly good to use when braiding horse tail hair. If you have not yet got a kumihimo disk or other tools, check out the blog post on Starter Tools

Flat Braid Using a Kumihimo Square
Some of you have asked about making flat braid bracelets. This blog post has a simple to follow pattern. Check out how to make this neat bracelet

Rounded Flat Spiral Braid 8 Strand
This pattern produces an attractive braid and is one of the simplest patterns to follow using a kumihimo disk

Rounded Flat Braid 12 Strand
This kumihimo braid is simple to make and pretty to look at. It is another pattern that can produce great looking braids if different colours are used or beads

Spiral Braid 8 Strand - using beads
Spiral designs using 8,12 or 16 strands on the kumihimo disk produce excellent braids. Very simple to follow as long as you stay focused. There are many photos in this blog of 16 strand braids. They take a few hours to make but last the wearer years.
Twisted Spiral Braid
Why not have a go at making this lovely twisting braid? This pattern is versatile and lends itself to using beads, different colours and size of braid

Colour Patterns in a Spiral Braid
Horse hair is often just one basic colour on any one horse, black, yellow, brown. If you are lucky you get different colours and you can mix them up any way you wish and see what the result is.

If you want specific designs though, here are a few to start with.
Kumihimo Horsehair Patterns

Here are shown Kumihimo discs with 16 strands. Each  would contain a certain number of horse hairs depending on how thick you want the braid to be.

So then if I had black hair and white hair I could follow the patterns using either black hair where there are black lines and white where the purple lines are, or the other way around.

All of these patterns are finished bracelets on this blog.

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  1. Hello awesome blog thank you I am doing a 16 strand with 20 hairs in each strand. I don't want a hollow braid when done what direction do you turn the disc or dose that matter?


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