Saturday, 13 July 2013

Good News!

One of our friends is leaving the yard soon and I am working on making a special going away present for her. She is moving to Scotland and so we thought, why not make something from the tail hair of her two horses, but with a Celtic twist?

So the idea is that two braids will intertwine in a Celtic knot. Here is the first braid.
Both horses have very light hair. I hope to attach them in a Celtic heart design provided I can get the length I need. I will show you the finished knot soon.
It has been several weeks since I did any kumihimo. It has been good to get back into it again.
But that isn't the good news!
The good news is that we went to see a horse and knew he was right for us. He came to us last month as an untrained four year old. He is well on his way to a happy future as an all round riding horse.
Of course, it didn't go unnoticed that Charlie also had a pretty stunning tail. With a range of fabulous colours, you can bet those hairs will make a lovely necklace one day.
If you want to see more of Charlie you can find him here,