Tuesday, 24 February 2015

8 Strand Rounded Flat Braid

There has been quite a lot of discussion on the Facebook page related to this blog about patterns and how to achieve different effects, especially when making an 8 strand braid.

Having built up quite a library of braiding books, when I come across a pattern which looks as though it might work using horse hair, I try it out.

The photo below shows a rounded flat braid. It is made  on a round disc and the disc is not rotated, resulting in the finished effect.

Above the braid is straightened out. To the right you can see a gentle spiral effect

Pattern Details

The first diagram shows the start position of the horse hair

Now, starting right to left, move the bottom strand at position 1 to 15 and then move 15 to position 1. Moving north to south and south to north.

Do this with each set of vertical strands until all have changed places.

Lastly, the horizontal strands are moved east to west then west to east. 9 to 24 then 24 to 9

You are now ready to work the moves once  more until you reach the length you want.