Monday, 24 March 2014

A Bracelet to Remember a Loved Equine Friend

Over the past seven years I have got to know and grown very fond of a mare called Stella. A very athletic and elegant horse. Stella had many high points in her life and had been with her owner Jo for many years, since she was young. She had competed at one time.

One of the high points was Stella leading the way on a Halloween ride. She stopped traffic on a busy Saturday morning as she pranced along in her costume as the mount of the grim reaper, or maybe it was the headless horseman.
Stella was a good support for our new young horse, Charlie. She gave him confidence on his first big outings.
Sadly Stella became severely ill and could not be helped. 

It was quite difficult to make a bracelet for owner Jo, having known Stella for so long. It was a sad process but it turned into a happier one. The horse hair having grown over a long period of time, when Stella was still healthy and active.

The bracelet was finished using sterling silver crimp ends.


The hair had a natural curl to it adding character to the final piece. Hopefully the bracelet will provide a lasting memory for years to come of a lovely horse.