Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Horsehair Necklace, 'Clover' Design

When I first started out making bracelets I had in mind to try doing a necklace. The thinking was, it would be lovely to have a bracelet and a matching necklace to wear.

The first few necklaces were quite successful but short. Even using the longest lengths of hair the finished necklace lacked the length I and many people like to wear. I knew that one day I would work through how to join braids together and create designs that work.

Here is the first of the designs. There are three braids, joined with sterling silver ends. The middle braid has two pretty spacer beads to add interest.

The hair used is from our lovely Fell Pony Drifter who succumbed to laminitis this year and new horse, four year old Charlie. Charlie's hair has kinks in it which give the braid an individual look. The natural kinks made the hair more difficult to control when braiding but with an even tension, the braid pattern is maintained with just an odd bend here and there caused by the kinks in the hair.

Each braid is slightly shorter than an average bracelet braid which means the shorter lengths of hair can be used on a project like this.

All of the braids were made using a 16 warp kumihimo design with approximately 6 hairs per warp.

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

A horsehair bracelet as a perfect Christmas gift


Isn't it exciting to open presents and find one that is just so special and personal? I have been busy working on more designs and finding out ways to make things easier to do. Finally I am making something for me. It is a necklace and the first of three braids is completed. The silver ends arrived today. They are pretty crimp ends which I am starting to really like. They look good and hold the hair well.

The necklace will be a present to myself after a year of trials and tribulations. I may even wrap it and put it under the tree to make it extra special!

When Christmas Day arrives I know that there are some young ladies who will be opening a very special present they can treasure. That makes me very pleased and proud even, that this project has come so far in quite a short time.

Here is a recent bracelet from the tail of a lovely pony called Polly-Belle.

You can see the crimp ends I mentioned earlier. The clasp is a pretty heart shaped lobster clasp.

If you search a while you will find the ends and fastenings that catch your eye.

This bracelet has a small chain to allow it to grow as its owner grows up.
Polly Belle

I hope you all enjoy the holiday season. Soon I will post about the new necklace designs I am working on right now