Wednesday, 18 December 2013

A horsehair bracelet as a perfect Christmas gift


Isn't it exciting to open presents and find one that is just so special and personal? I have been busy working on more designs and finding out ways to make things easier to do. Finally I am making something for me. It is a necklace and the first of three braids is completed. The silver ends arrived today. They are pretty crimp ends which I am starting to really like. They look good and hold the hair well.

The necklace will be a present to myself after a year of trials and tribulations. I may even wrap it and put it under the tree to make it extra special!

When Christmas Day arrives I know that there are some young ladies who will be opening a very special present they can treasure. That makes me very pleased and proud even, that this project has come so far in quite a short time.

Here is a recent bracelet from the tail of a lovely pony called Polly-Belle.

You can see the crimp ends I mentioned earlier. The clasp is a pretty heart shaped lobster clasp.

If you search a while you will find the ends and fastenings that catch your eye.

This bracelet has a small chain to allow it to grow as its owner grows up.
Polly Belle

I hope you all enjoy the holiday season. Soon I will post about the new necklace designs I am working on right now

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