Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Necklace project number four

Back to necklace making, using the longest strands of horse tail hair. Here is where I have struggled to come up with an effective way to attach several separate bits of work together, rather than rely on single lengths of hair. I have an idea but it seems I'd have to learn how to mould metals first.

Part of my idea was to have red and blue in the necklace. The necklace here is made from beads I bought at a recent fair. The seed beads are size 8 and the red and blue beads in the middle are 12mm.

As usual with necklaces, I have worked with 3x8 strands of hair. These had to be at least a metre long to accommodate the beads as they were woven on.
It has crossed my mind, why bother using horse hair at all given you can't really see it. But there is more to it than being able to see the horse hair. Just knowing it is there is special enough. You can see it at the very ends of the necklace in this example though.
As a beginner, it is a matter of trying lots of things and finding what looks good and what doesn't. Slowly discovering better, quicker ways to do some things. This is a leisure activity so I'm in no rush to learn too fast.

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