Saturday, 19 October 2013

Finishing a Bracelet

Finishing a bracelet can be one of the more difficult parts of bracelet making. Provided you take your time and use the right tools for the job, it will work out fine.

Tools for tying off a horse hair bracelet
When finishing a bracelet I like to work on a tray. On the tray I have kitchen towel and sometimes a piece of material used for working with beads. That way, things tend to stay put and not slip about when you are trying to work.

What you have on your tray when removing the work from the kumihimo disc is some strong cord, glue, scissors and the work itself.

Tying off a finished design

Here is a sequence of photos where a bracelet has been tied off tightly with cord and glued to make the horse hairs stay in place.

The cord is tied around the work before it is removed from the Kumihimo disc.

Adding some glue to help the hairs remain in place

The ends are trimmed so they can fit into the chosen end cap and more glue is applied.

Shortening a braid

This braid is too long. It was originally supposed to form a Celtic knot but it was later decided to make just a bracelet. So now a knot is tied where the bracelet is to be cut.

The braid is carefully cut and the woven ends unravelled.
Braided horse hair comes undone easily which can be a good thing because you can start over if you make a mistake and the horse hair should be fine.

 As with the other end of the bracelet, it is prepared for the end cap to fit over neatly and glued in place

Both caps are now attached

The End Result!
Once the end caps are dry and set you can add the jump rings and lobster clasp to finish.

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